Our Story

Red Hot Chicago, famous for the finest Chicago-Style hot dogs, represents a proud family legacy that spans 3 centuries and 4 generations. This family tradition put Chicago in the hot dog business over 100 years ago.

In 1893, Samuel Ladany brought his sausage making skills to America from Austria-Hungary and started selling hot dogs from a cart at Chicago’s Colombian Exposition that year. His two sons, William and Jules, carried on the family tradition of making the finest sausages for more than 50 years after Samuel’s death and really helped to establish Chicago as the premier city in the country for beef hot dogs.

In 1971, Scott Ladany, son of William, joined the family business to learn the same art of sausage making like his grand father and father did before him. After his father died, Scott decided to start up his own company in 1986 to carry on his family legacy of delivering the finest products and service to the hot dog stand owners he grew up with. RED HOT CHICAGO WAS BORN!

Twenty years later in 2003, Billy Ladany joined his father, Scott, in the family sausage business. As a result of their combined efforts, Red Hot Chicago products are now sold in over 1000 Chicagoland restaurants as well as in many other high quality establishments across the country. Since 2007, Red Hot Chicago has been introduced to Chicagoland retailers like Jewel and Dominicks as well as to other independent grocers, and the brand is really growing in popularity every year. So now you can enjoy the finest beef hot dog Chicago has to offer in the comfort of your own home!