Red Hot Chicago® Recipes

Classic Hot Dogs

Chicago Style
Coney Style

Though they're classics, these are not your typical ballpark franks, folks! Delicious, juicy Red Hot Chicago hot dogs, grilled to perfection and topped with everything imaginable, our Chicago-style and Coney Island dogs are sure to make your backyard BBQ the place to be this summer!

These next recipes are anything but your ordinary dinner. Combining succulent Red Hot Chicago hot dogs and fresh, tasty ingredients, these recipes are sure to make you the top dog!

Entree Hot Dogs

Hot Dog Enchilladas

These entrees will have you putting a tasty twist on a classic design. Scrumptious dishes like Hot Dog Enchiladas combine Red Hot Chicago hot dogs with sharp cheddar cheese and lively spices, which are sure to please your family!

Have a houseful? These tasty appetizers are a snap to put together, and are sure to please the masses! Choose from classic favorites like mini hot dog croissants, or opt for something more exotic like Frank & Bean Quesadillas to tantalize your guests' tastebuds!

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